Sunday, June 10, 2012

An inner journey begins

The Buddha was born and brought up in abundance, wealth and knowledge. Yet, there was a seeking spirit that was overwhelming in spite of his seemingly comfortable circumstances. Maybe we all go through moments, when, like the Buddha, our heart and soul seeks the truth... the truth about our life, relationships and its good and bad circumstances. But not all of us have the courage to surrender all the concrete and oft superficial things in our lives, which we cling on to for succour of an inferior kind, and walk out into the world to seek the truth!

My previous blog of over 7 years was wiped away by MSN, and I felt much like having lost all the wealth of my thoughts and emotions to ordinary experiences! This is my first step out of the home comfort of the mind into the unknown heart and soul... much akin to that fateful night in Shakyamuni's life. Amid the challenges of work, and sharing time with family and friends, I hope I will be able to travel my inner landscape... conversing with the Buddha within... to discover my mission and find my blue print! There may be meditative silences, brief moments of pain, or extensive dialogues on the realities of life. Walk with me if you want, or simply listen to my thoughts! 

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Subhorup Dasgupta said...

welcome back, bodhisattava buddha bar. it was terrible to learn that your old blog didn't get migrated to wordpress. very happy to be a fellow traveler on your new journey.